The story of Vin Morrone (played by Vince Bandille), opening in the soda fountain of his youth, where he returns every morning for a daily egg cream. Today is different, however, as circumstances force him back in time to the moment he encountered Angela, his one true love, and the love he turned away from. But what if lightning were to strike again? What if life offered him a second chance to experience that true love? Would he have the courage to embrace it, or would he cut and run a second time? 

Whether you grew up on University Avenue in The Bronx, West Philly, or Cedar Falls, you'll recognize this humorous, heart-breaking, sometimes tough, otherwise tender, yet ultimately transcendent human journey Vin takes, navigating an age re-defining the mythos of the American male, and even the meaning of love itself.

Blend in the timeless music of the legendary LOU CHRISTIE, including Rhapsody in the Rain, Lightning Strikes, Two Faces Have I, The Gypsy Cried, plus many more, and you have 3 EGG CREAMS - A Rhapsody in the Rain!

"3 EGG CREAMS is extremely touching, and moving. The acting is magnificent!" ~ Sheryl 

"We haven't seen anything like 3 EGG CREAMS in years. Maybe we have: a one woman performance by Maggie Smith on Broadway 20 years ago." ~ Barbara & Les

"3 EGG CREAMS is what I consider perfection. I'd be proud to recommend  this show to the best stages in the country. What a great message of love, laughter and tears. I'm so grateful that I was able to offer this production to my audience." 

~ Stephanie Clineman, Artistic Director & General Manager, Dante Hall, Atlantic City

"3 EGG CREAMS is a jewel of a play, incredibly performed by the brilliant Vince Bandille. With an egg cream, a leather coat, a table, a chair, and a rose, Mr. Bandille filled the theater with a most moving performance. Tears flowed slowly from my eyes, for I was witnessing a skilled thespian fill my heart with joy." ~ Antonina